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EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation Bethel Park, Pittsburgh PA and nearby areas

Do you have an Electric car and are looking for EV Charger installer Bethel Park, Pittsburgh, Jefferson Hills, South Park and other nearby areas? 855 Electricians are registered electric contractor in Pittsburgh and provide Commercial, industrial, and Residential EV Charger installation bethel park and Pittsburgh PA.

We have experience in all levels of EV Charger installation for residential and industrials. Installing an EV Charger t your residence can help you in convenience and ease of charging your vehicle. This also helps you save considerable money over a period of time compared to fuel costs of your vehicle.

We offer complete EV Charger Installation services in Bethel Park, Pittsburgh and nearby areas including:

  • Inspection of the job site where EV Charger has to be installed including electrical points.
  • Installing a new circuit with wiring as per specification of EV charger you installing
  • Upgrading the electrical system at site if required as per specifications.
  • Install all equipment as per manufacturers specifications.
  • Ensure installations are safe and meet the local requirements
  • Install as per national electrical code requirements.
  • Test and verify the equipment is running safely.

We will also explain the complete procedure to our clients before installation and also ensure you understand how to use it regularly. Also, we shall explain all features and manufacturers requirements during the installation process.

Level of Industrial and Residential EV Charger installation bethel park and Pittsburgh PA

Level of EV Charger to be installed at your home or industry depends on the use of your vehicle.

Level 1 Charger: Comes with the new vehicle purchases.

Level 2 charger: This is much faster compared to level 1 charger an is also used for residential purpose.

Level 3 Charger: These EV chargers are used for industrial purposes.

We offer complete EV charger installer Bethel Park solution. For us client satisfaction is our main motto. Feel free to contact us at 724 255 7996 for industrial and residential EV Charger installation Bethel Park and Pittsburgh PA.